Six Ways of Carpet Taking Care

Traditional Living Room With Great Carpet Ideas

Carpet is one of the house equipments which can add aesthetical impression in a certain room. It is also used as the pad to make you comfortable when watching TV, play with kids or any other activities in the living room. However, carpet could be a hotbed of bacteria and germs if it does not maintained properly. Carpet taking care surely need special handling but it does not mean that it's hard to do. This will lead you about some ways about carpet taking care and how to maintain its cleanliness.

Great Living Room With Gorgeous Carpet : Six Ways of Carpet Taking CareLiving Room With Decorative Rug : Six Ways of Carpet Taking CareLiving Room With Nice Traditional Carpet : Six Ways of Carpet Taking CareTraditional Living Room With Great Carpet Ideas : Six Ways of Carpet Taking Care
  1. Carpet placement

Preventing is better than healing. This means, to prevent your carpet from dirt and bacteria, do not place carpet where many activities are done. Avoid placing it near the shoes shelf. The best place to put carpet is in the living room or office.

  1. Do not step on with shoes

The second carpet taking care tips is do not step on and walk on the carpet if you are still wearing shoes or sandals, especially after traveling all day. Footwear bottom is dirty and makes germs stick to and settle in a long time.

  1. Put a mat

Provide a mat at the front door or the entrance before living room. It aims to get rid of the dirt and bacteria. Make sure you clean it frequently.

  1. Clean up stains

Sometimes you may rub your carpet from the stain because you think this is a part of carpet taking care. However, rubbing the stains just make it spread up wider and broke the materials. You can clean the stain with a steamer machine. Hover heat steam only on stained section. It can soften the stains so could clean it easily. But this only can be applied for new stains. For old stains, the only way to eliminate them is by bring it to the laundry.

  1. Wash Routine

Wash the carpet at least twice a year. It is suggested for washing carpets in the summer because the sun will dry the carpet perfectly.

  1. First aid at carpet stain matters

When the drinks or food spilled on the carpet, clean them immediately using natural ingredients like lemon juice, salt water or vinegar.

Those are six ways of carpet taking care you may need to know. There are other things as additional information, use soft fluid vacuum cleaner to maintain your carpet.

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