Types of Interior Design for an Apartment Kitchen

Luxurious Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in a dwelling, both house and apartment. With a building area that is not too spacious, apartment dwellers must be clever in choosing the right design so that the apartment interior doesn’t look more cramped. Therefore, there are several types of interior design that can be applied so that you can have a beautiful kitchen in your apartment.

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If you choose a minimalist design, you can choose complementary furniture such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter with a simple design without too many details. If this design applied properly, the kitchen will look clean and neat because all cookware is stored neatly in the kitchen cabinets.


Use wall ceramic tiles that have a bright color and motif. Additionally, you can also combine the color of the equipment such as a red refrigerator or bright-colored cookware. Despite using various colors, keep the cleanliness of the kitchen so that the cheerful atmosphere remains pronounced.


If you don’t like a colorful design, the monochrome design can be your option. You can use white, gray, and black for every element of the kitchen. Black can be used as the color of the wall tiles, counter, and some appliances such as microwave and stove. As for other elements like the kitchen set, table, chairs, and refrigerator, you can use gray and white.

Snow White

There is no harm in applying white in your apartment kitchen. White will provide a spacious impression. Combine white that is applied to the table, wall, and cabinet with silver sink, and refrigerator. This color combination will create a clean and elegant impression. You can also install a cooker hood to eliminate hot air produced by cooking activity. Besides that, a cooker hood can also keep the kitchen free of soot.

Shabby Chic

This design is currently favored by many people, especially women. You can apply the shabby chic design by choosing pastel colors like beige and baby pink. Shabby chic is identical with classic roses. You can choose some kitchen elements such as refrigerator covers, tablecloth or mugs with this classic rose motif. Besides making the kitchen look beautiful, shabby chic design will also make the kitchen look classic.

So, which one is your favorite design? Happy trying!

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