Tricks to Choose the Lighting in Dining Room

Beautiful Wall Sconce on the Transitional Dining Room Interior

Homeowners usually too busy choosing furniture and forget to equip his home with proper lighting, especially in "transition" spaces, for example, foyer (entrance area), hallway and dining room. Many interior designers recognize that lighting plays important role in dining room look.

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Not only will the appearance of a room, the feel and the mood in the room be strongly influenced by lighting. Here's an easy guide for those who want to choose the lighting in the dining room.

"When choosing to light for the dining room, creating a mood for the experience of eating a meal is important," said Stanley. "Personally, I use the size and style of the dining table as a starting point for my choice of lighting types."

Stanley also said the need to balance the scale and proportions between the lights in the dining room with the size of the space. This provides many advantages, such as an entire room could get a light balanced, and no dark corner in the dining room.

So, what about the style of the lamp? In restaurants, you are certainly aware of the use dramatic chandelier that beautifies the room and makes the activities of eating so much more special. According to Stanley, you can bring it into the dining room in the house.

"Using chandelier dramatically at the center of the table is an elegant and chic way to unify entire room together while providing enough light on the table," he said.

However, if reluctant to use the classic chandelier and dramatic, Stanley invites you to try grouping several hanging lamps with different heights to draw attention to the center of the table. This method can make the dining table and the lights become a focal point of the dining room.

Additionally, you can also add lights to accentuate the wall with some hangings features, mirrors, or simply to make the dining room look more stylish. The mirror could reflect the light from the dim lighting is devoted to building a mood in the dining room. The mirror also can illuminate the whole dining room and make the dining room looks larger than it is.

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