Tips to Optimize the Function of a Small Kitchen

Fresh Small Kitchen With Large Windows

If you have a small kitchen, it can still feel comfortable as long as you are smart in designing it. In a small kitchen, an interior concept that is suitable to be applied is minimalist. You can apply this minimalist concept in your kitchen by combining the function of two rooms, for example, the dining room and the kitchen. In terms of arranging the kitchen, you should choose the right furniture. For example, when you choose a kitchen set, you should consider its size. Choose a small kitchen set or a kitchen set with a size that fits your kitchen. A small kitchen set is usually equipped with a sink that is located adjacent to the cooking area.

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Besides the kitchen set, another furniture that you can apply in your small kitchen is a long table that is similar to a bar table. Put this long table beside the cooking area. This table can be used as a dining table. In addition, you can also utilize this table for preparation. But if you use this table for cooking preparation, you need to keep its cleanliness. You can also place storage cabinets above the kitchen set. These cabinets will create a neat impression. To optimize the function of your small kitchen, you can apply these following tips:

Wise in choosing cookware
Use cookware as needed. You probably have unused cookware that is stored in the storage cabinets. To avoid this, you should buy cookware that you need only.

The selection of stove
For space-saving, you should choose a built-in stove. Besides able to create a simple impression, the built-in stove can also make your kitchen area looks neat.

Provide ventilation in the kitchen
A cramped kitchen will definitely feel crowded, humid, and smelly. Well, to avoid these things, you can equip your kitchen with ventilation. In addition, you can also apply some windows. Adjust the size of the window with the size of your kitchen so that the kitchen looks harmonious.

The selection of colors for the kitchen interior
A minimalist kitchen is very identical with bright colors. Bright colors will look very attractive if applied on the minimalist kitchen. Bright colors can also create a spacious impression in the room. Besides that, bright colors are also able to maximize the lighting effect in your kitchen.

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