Tips to Make the Kitchen Look More Appealing

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The kitchen is the life of a house. Activities in the kitchen indicate that the house still has a ‘life’. Due to these activities, the kitchen often looks dirty and messy. If there is a room that can be called a ‘shipwreck’, the kitchen is one of them. Apart from having to maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the kitchen, the design also affects the comfort and beauty of this cooking space. Do one or more of the following tricks to make your kitchen look more appealing.

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Create an accent wall

Don’t let the wall of your kitchen plain without any decoration. A plain wall looks very boring, dull, and monotonous. You can be creative with the wall. Add an accent in the wall by applying bricks, marbles, or natural stones. Adding an accent on the wall will create a certain atmosphere in the kitchen.

Colorful kitchen utensils

If you have a monochrome colored kitchen, you can light up the atmosphere by using colorful kitchen utensils and tableware. However, make sure each utensil is safe to use. Avoid using utensils that contain hazardous chemicals.

Combination materials

Every material has a different texture and pattern that will enhance the atmosphere in the kitchen. A different material will create a different atmosphere. Combine wood material with exposed concrete, exposed brick wall, natural stone, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), regular ceramic tiles, and other materials.

Maximum storage

By creating a high kitchen cabinet up to the ceiling, storage space can be maximized and the look of the kitchen will be more practical. Remember, if there are vertical additional storages, then the number of horizontal storage should be reduced so that the kitchen doesn’t look cramped.


Choose unusual lights for your kitchen. A chandelier can be your option. There are many chandeliers with a unique design available in the market. If you want something different that suits your taste, you can create your own lampshade, and then put a light bulb in it.

Kitchen and gallery

Display family photos, paintings made by your children, or just food photos on your kitchen wall. The gallery will make the atmosphere of the kitchen livelier.

Good luck!

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