Tips Decorate the Dining Room

DiningSpace With Bold Color Decorating Ideas

Installing full color furniture could be an interesting idea. This will make the dining room look casual and informal. The relax dining room will make the family feel comfortable while they eat and enjoy the nice conversation. You can start with add some colorful mismatched chair to make a cheerful dining room. When you choose the colorful and mismatched chair you should consider choosing the simple design chair.

Colorful Dining Room Decor : Tips Decorate the Dining RoomDining Room With Decorative Rug : Tips Decorate the Dining RoomDiningSpace With Bold Color Decorating Ideas : Tips Decorate the Dining RoomMismatched Dining Chairs : Tips Decorate the Dining Room

If you already have mismatched chair, then you need choose the rest furniture with neutral pattern and color. Since the mismatched chair becomes a focal point of the dining room, you can add accessories with neutral design. The compliment color can elevate the dining room can avoid the dining room from being crowded that can hurt your eye.

For you who brave enough to install too much bold color in the dining room, you can play with one or two bold color. For the example, install the cabinet with dark blue color while the wall is black. The dining room will make a special atmosphere, however. Then all you need to do is choose the dining table and lighting with bright color. Maybe, you can choose the table with glass surface. The glass surface allows you to create stunning dining room. Don’t be afraid to combination more than two colors at the wall and some pattern too. The key you allow to choose what you like and make it work later.

Add more accent with throw a rug that goes under the table. You should choose the rug with colorful pattern too. Choose the different pattern with the wall and furniture; it has to be totally different like stripes or chevron motifs. More pattern, more attractive. But, make sure you do not install not more than four patterns to make everything look good together and compliment.

If you do not want to change the furniture, you can change the wall paint color in order to avoid the room from being monotones. Rather than color, you also can play with the wall motif by using wall paper. Change the wall color with more dramatic color. The dramatic painting also can create a focal point in the dining room.

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