Tips to Cleaning and Maintenance Glass Dining Table

The glass dining room table is now increasingly popular because of its beauty and elegance. Many advantages in using a glass dining table, they can reflect light and make the dining room brighter. They are also more easily matched with other furnishings in your dining room. The glass surface is becoming increasingly important to maintenance properly. Take a look at some things you can do to keep your glass dining table in good condition:

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The first important thing you should consider is how to keep it from scratches. Try not to put something directly on your glass table. Use placemats, coaster or tablecloths to make your table safe from the griddle or hot plate. You can buy the placemat at the store. In addition, to make more secure, by using them can beautify your table because it is available with many color choices. Another option is by using trivet or tempered glass to place the hot dishes.Next, use a soft cloth or feather duster like a sponge to wipe the table. Do it slowly, so the surface is not scratched. Never use a rough cloth because it will be at risk. Use some good quality glass cleaner. Find out at your nearest store, or use vinegar as an alternative. If there are some scratches on your glass dining table, you might be able to use sandpaper to remove it. Rub them gently and carefully. However, if you do not sure just call a professional to do it. Be careful with cups, spoons, forks, or other heavy dining properties. When they fall on the table, probably they will not make any significant damage. However, it may leave a small footprint and make dust and dirt come inside. Consequently, more scratches will be clearly visible.Those are some tips you can do for your glass dining room. It needs prudence in taking care of your glass dining table, but it would be comparable to the beauty that you get in your living room.

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