Tips For Choosing Dining Table

Modern Extendable Rectangular Wooden Dining Table Combine with Leather Dining Chairs

Generally, people would change their dining furniture after years or if they see the durability of the furniture is not as good as before. This is to make everyone feel safe during the meal time, so buy the new furniture is necessary. The furniture that needs to change first is, dining table, choosing this furniture is a little bit difficult task to do. Once you choose an inappropriate table, it will break the entire look of a dining room.

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The availability of the space in dining room

When it comes to arranging the furniture, it is important to pay attention to the breadth. With that in mind, consider the proportion and balancing of your dining room. For example, use a small dining table for a spacious room, can seem quiet and empty, and while a large table for a limited space would take place as well as make the room feel cramped. Among all the options, make sure the size of the table that will be used is still possible to move and doing the activity.

Dining table

After you know about the availability of dining room space, now you should understand what kind of dining table you need. Generally, the dining table is a rectangular shape, square, round, or oval. Selection of forms is also important because it can affect the overall look of the room. For example, typically a table with a rectangular shape is more suitable for a spacious room, or round table is not applicable in a small space because it will spend the space. Instead, square and oval tables can be used to narrow or in small space. You should also consider the comfort when you seat around the table, make sure that there is available space above the knee and a space to put the elbows on the table. Ideally, the height ranges from 70-75 cm table with a width of over 90 cm. Finally, adjust the model table with style and concept design of the room and design of the whole house, so the dining room can appear more harmonious.


When appears and the durability are the most important things for you, pure hardwood materials, such as mahogany, oak or teak is the right choice. Instead, if you want to save more money, you can choose medium density fiberboard (MDF), though durable, the material is not as strong as hardwood material. The alternative tables made from metal or marble can be used.

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