Tempting Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Prettier

Private Bathrooms with Frosted Glass Windows

A comfy bathtub can be enjoyed privately with the frosted glass installed as the windows. The natural light can come to the bathroom and fills it with the warmth. There are simple draperies that can be used to cover this bathing area while you are relaxing in the tub. So, when the other people want to use the bathroom, whether they want to wash their hands or else, they can’t accidentally see what you are doing in the bathing area. Some recessed lights are planted on the side part of the bathtub wall and accentuate this area.

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There is a vanity which is completed with single sink, some drawers, and also the cabinets. The edge of the sink can be utilized to put a decoration, for an example some flowers which are set inside a glass vase. Then, next to the vanity, there is a gold-painted hanger mounted on the wall to drape some towels. There is a decorative rug placed on the marble floor.

A clawfoot bathtub is placed near the wall where two pedestal sinks are provided. There is one set of cabinetry and some necessities are laid inside. There is a shower box separated by the transparent barriers with black panels. The building walls around this area are created a bit higher than the outside floor to prevent the puddle seep out easily. On the ceiling, a beautiful chandelier which is uniquely designed is hanging down to brighten up this bathroom. For the overall appearance, this bathroom is decorated with white touches like the walls, molding ceiling, and the appliances. However, the floors are embellished with the grayish tones.

It would be better if a small bathroom is decorated with simple ways. It doesn’t need the decorations or appliances which are too many. Just provide the necessary appliances inside to avoid an overcrowded look. Then, fill the bathroom with white touches to look it more spacious. Some cheerful colors maybe can help this clinical bathroom become livelier. Single sink with the open storage under the sink is more beneficial than placing one big set vanity. The window sill can be utilized to arrange the toiletries.

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