Stylish Design of Kid Friendly Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen With Family Friendly Concept

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. Besides being a place for cooking, you also often spend quality time with your family there. Therefore, it is important for you to create a warm as well as safe kitchen design for your family, especially your children. Here are some tips on the stylish design of kid-friendly kitchen that you can follow.

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Easy to clean

Make sure you choose kitchen materials which surface are easy to clean, for example, granite or marble for the tabletop, as well as stainless material or laminate which motifs can be selected according to your taste. Avoid using glass material because even though it is easily cleaned, this material is prone to crack and break.

Easily accessible storage

Place the foodstuff storage cabinet at the bottom so it can be easily reached by the little one when he or she is hungry. In addition, it is also useful to train your children to become independent.

The placement of oven

For those of you who like baking, you definitely need an oven in the kitchen. For the oven, you should consider its placement. Make sure the oven is placed in a rather high place so that it cannot be reached by your toddler.

Open kitchen

An open kitchen that merges with the dining room and living room will feel warmer and functional. You can keep an eye on the activities of your little one while cooking. Make sure there are adequate ventilations or windows so the smell of cooking cannot reach the living room.

Little bar

Your little one will certainly feel comfortable to be in the kitchen if you have a bar. You and your family can have a meal or snack at this place. The bar can also be a solution if your house is not too spacious as a substitute for the dining room. Besides that, the bar will also make your kitchen look more stylish.


To add warmth to your kitchen, put a blackboard on one side of the kitchen. This board is useful to write down menus or messages between families, as well as provides creativity space for the little one.

Creating a kid-friendly kitchen is important to ensure the children comfort and safety while in the kitchen is maintained.

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