Simple tips to choose the Ceiling Fan in Your Home

Fresh Living Space With Ceiling Fan Ideas

In this modern era, the ceiling fan starts to be left because people are already moving to the modern air conditioner (AC). Many people choose AC because in addition can give a cool air, its utilizing is easier. You can control and adjust the temperature using the remote from distance. However, some people are still using conventional ceiling fan which is attached to the ceiling. The reasons are varied range from environment friendly or adjust to the living room theme with classical design uses hanging fan which can create an artistic impression. Moreover, some of them say that the use of AC can cause a bad thing and increase the global warming.
Tips to purchase and install ceiling fan:

Contemporary Living Room With Great Ceiling Fan Model : Simple tips to choose the Ceiling Fan in Your HomeFresh Living Space With Ceiling Fan Ideas : Simple tips to choose the Ceiling Fan in Your HomeLiving Room With Hunter Ceiling Fan : Simple tips to choose the Ceiling Fan in Your HomeTraditional Living Room With Wooden Ceilin Fan : Simple tips to choose the Ceiling Fan in Your Home

1. The room’s height
The main factor that we need to concern is the living room height. It aims to make the ceiling fan has proper wheels; therefore, your fan has to be put at least 240 cm from the floor. Despite some people say the safe altitude is 210 cm from the floor, it also depend on the fan and the blade size. The most important thing is the fan’s blade has to rotate freely without any obstacles. Make sure it will not disturb everyone in the living room.

2. Room’s size
The size of the room becomes determiner that you need to care about. This related to the fan size that you will use. Make sure it has an appropriate size compared to the room. Therefore, the wind that is resulted can reach out the entire living room corners. If you have a large living room, you can use more than one ceiling fans.

3. Fan’s position
Generally, fan is placed in the middle of the ceiling, but it is possible to install it on the other places. What you need to consider is do not put the fan right above the place you usually sitting on. Adjust your ceiling fan properly.

4. Durability and quality
This is related to the strength of the fan when it used in a long time. The durability also tends to its quality. Ensure to get a good quality fan which the engine can be used in a long time continually and it does not have a noisy sound.

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