Simple Tips to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Great Living Room With Decorative Carpet And Furniture

The carpet or rug is one element in the house that needs special handling to maintain. Less precise treatment ways can increase the dirty and damage risk. Clean the carpet in your living room with the proper way to make it always durable. Here we provide carpet care tips that will help you make it remains durable.

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Clean your carpet more often.

Carpets should frequently be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, especially when installing for the first time. Despite it looks clean, the carpet fibers can mix with dust and dirt. If you leave it longer, dirt will accumulate. Besides it is not good for your health, the dirt will easily ruin the carpet.

Do not walk on carpet with bare feet.

Some people think that walking barefoot can make the rug cleaner. However, that assumption is not entirely correct. Feet release sweat and oil. When it contact to the carpet, oil and sweat inevitably stick on the carpet, causing dust and dirt easily attached. We suggest you can wear socks or slippers when you are walking on the carpet.

Do not wash your carpet with soap.

We do not recommend cleaning your carpet with detergents or cleaners that contain soap. The foam that resulting from soap will leave remnants of residue that will bind more dust on the carpet. As the result, the soap residue left behind could also weaken the carpet fibers and make the carpet easily torn or damaged. Instead, try using white vinegar to wash the carpets in your home.

Change Position Carpet Routinely

Change the position of your carpet to take care of certain parts that are often stepped. That will reduce the level of damage from the use of carpet; it is also spreading using level to the entire carpet surface. Usually, the corner part of the carpet positions is rarely stepped on. Otherwise, the section nearest the door will be more likely to be stepped. Therefore, rotate these parts in 2 - 4 days on a regular basis.

Take it to a carpet laundry services

If you do not have enough time to take care of your own carpet and then you realize that your living room carpet looks dirty, the last option is to take it directly to the laundry services you can trust.

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