Simple Ideas of Eclectic Living Room

Stunning Eclectic Living Room Ideas

There are many ways in determining the living room theme. People can discover what type of living room they want to provide by choosing the right furniture, color combinations, and accessories. One great idea is by creating a simple eclectic living room design. This is special to those of you who has a small room and want to create a cozy atmosphere in the lounge. Basically, the eclectic living room mixes various furniture materials and put them together to create an attractive fresh atmosphere of the interior design. Look at the pictures below to get some inspirations

Eclectic Living Room Arrangement : Simple Ideas of Eclectic Living RoomEclectic Living Room With Nice Rug Pattern : Simple Ideas of Eclectic Living RoomEclectic Living Space Decoration With Colorful Concept : Simple Ideas of Eclectic Living RoomStunning Eclectic Living Room Ideas : Simple Ideas of Eclectic Living Room

This is a small living room with a simple eclectic decoration. The domination of two colors gives a lovely atmosphere and does not look cramped. The neutral color such as white and black makes this living room have a natural scene. Because it has limited space, the sofa that is used is the single one. With the glass table placed in front of the sofa has become the best arrangement.

An additional table with four chairs around it looks very embellish. Every chair has a pillow to make everyone sitting feel comfortable. The presence of storage cabinet is very helpful there. We can put a variety of items inside, while on the top of the cabinet can be used to put display properties to add sweetener the living room.

The white bookshelf also has it functions, besides of used as storing books, it also utilizes as the room decoration. At the front of the windows, there is a bench to put some artwork or paintings, which are very nice. The rest of the wall can be placed several pictures or family photographs.

This is another eclectic living room which is using some neutral color. An advantage of using this living room decoration is you can use many kinds of furniture. As you can see, it uses a small sofa and the loveseat with two ottomans in different size. In addition, the lounge chair near the fireplace is very nice furniture to relax on it. Table lamps with a variety of sizes add the warm atmosphere in the room.

By adding some colorful accessories or unique motif in your living room serve a simple thing which is worth to try in making your eclectic room created.

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