How to Renovate Small Bathroom into Personal Spa Part 2

Classic Spa In Small Space Bathroom

This section wants to continue the topic of the previous article. Read more how you can make transformation a dingy bathroom into a fabulous one.

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Select Natural Colors
Choosing natural and soft colors, like light green, gray or beige presents a calm atmosphere. To harmonize the main color of the bathroom with the interiors, you can pick the tiles that have the same hue. This method is capable in emphasizing the nuance of the personal spa.
Moreover, using natural material, such as wood, stones, and pebbles can increase the natural beauty of the room. If you are afraid to use wood as the flooring because it is not durable enough with the humid condition, you can choose faux wood instead. Put some pebbles surrounding the bathtub or use it as the wall also upgrades its naturalness. To make the bathroom more pleasant particularly during the winter, you can install heated flooring.

Pick Suitable Fixtures and Garnishes
Don’t ever underestimate the selection of the fixtures and garnishes. This task is also important to enhance the impression of the theme that you want to exhibit. To bring out the atmosphere of a personal spa, you can use simple ornaments like placing some aromatherapy candles on the countertop or on the edge of the tub. The scent produced can heal the exhausting feeling and lets your body relaxed. Towel holders can also be provided so that the room looks cleaner and more organized.

Furthermore, choose a floating vanity rather than a vanity which is attaching to the floor can make the room even wider because there is still space left. The floor can also be cleaned easily, especially the floor under the vanity. Or, using an open vanity can also be an option. As an addition, you should prepare your budget and ensure that you choose high-quality products, so you won’t spend your money too much for the maintenance in the future.

The last thing, you should consider the expert that you want to give a trust to renovate your bathroom. The advice of the expert can be very helpful to embody a bathroom that you always wish. Ask your relatives a trustworthy contractor company so that you can hand over this duty without anxiety.

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