The Psychological Effect of Coloring the Dining Room

A dining area should create an atmosphere that can build a good psychological side for the visitors. It is a room where the family would get together and enjoy meals every day. You certainly know that the room coloring is a critical point in determining the comfort of the dining room. In this case, certain colors can affect your appetite, or even make you loss of appetite. This is one fact that colors have a psychological impact on human.

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In decorating the dining room, avoid using blue color. Why? Because this will make your appetite is reduced and not in the comfortable zone. The fact is that we rarely or even never find the food that has the blue color. Thus, we cannot get "an imagination" of the food. Perhaps not everyone will be affected by this, but most have an effect.

On the other hand, the use of red and orange color will stimulate our appetite. The opposite of the previous reason, that we can find some variety of foods with these colors. Green, brown, and red is the most popular foods color. Am I right? Take a look at foods such as fried chicken, pizza, noodle, vegetable dishes and others. The red color is synonymous with passion, and metabolism. Moreover, the orange color is identical with hunger and desire for fullness. Orange color also can make the mood more excited and happy.

A classy restaurant will look more elegant in orange color. You can choose other colors such as yellow, or can combine with a little green. Tosca and orange color combination can even be a "delicious" mix of colors. If you are on a diet, then you can choose the mix of dark color as your choice of tableware colors. Dark colors unconsciously provide a stimulus for your brain to not excessive eating.

Basically, all color has its own character and the implementation of certain colors depending on the room function and the atmosphere that want to be created. Color can affect how people will think, act, react, raise blood pressure and even can affect appetite. There are some studies that conclude the color combination can change perceptions and create expectations about how the smell and taste of food.

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