Five Pleasurable Living Room Ideas That Reflects Personality

minimalist living room furniture with artistic elements in black and white tones

With our tight daily schedule, certainly, getting a place to rest and enjoy a relaxing time becomes a very valuable thing. A nifty living room should have a style that fits our personality to reach the cozy atmosphere; therefore, a fatigue "medicine" after work can be realized to stretch your muscles in your room while enjoying the time. I have put five best living room designs as the lounge together by adjusting the character of each homeowner. I wish that you can get inspired and choose a theme which proper for you.

nature living room decoration with wicker furniture and tree trunks : Five Pleasurable Living Room Ideas That Reflects Personalitybring the library in the living room with the door as the divider between each room : Five Pleasurable Living Room Ideas That Reflects Personalityclassic and modern combinations using pisturesque coffee table and parquet floor : Five Pleasurable Living Room Ideas That Reflects Personalityfunky and fashionable living room with vibrant touches : Five Pleasurable Living Room Ideas That Reflects Personality


  1. Nature uniqueness

Bringing the natural wonder in your living space can be a perfect way to make deviate feel. With the mix of rattan furniture, unfinished tree trunks and wooden tables create an exotic shake to the entire living room. It has some attractive art decorations but still use upholstered seating. Glass wall provides the bright lighting and large view for the homeowner, while on the evening; there will be illuminated by curved floor lamp. This space brings a smooth and calm nuance for all people occupying here.


  1. Reading room theme

For those of you who likes reading, this space certainly provides pleasure for you. With the natural colors on the wall and floors, it invents a quiet place which is appropriate to you who want to get tranquility when reading. With the bookshelves surround the entrance door, it looks neatly arranged in this living space. The door is left to be open, and then guest can still have a chat on the other side of the room.


  1. Artistic arrangement

Several simple art decorations in this living room create a cozy impression. There are some smooth stones on the rounded coffee table, flower vases made of bottles, artistic black and white paintings and the others. This one is really invite the soothing ambiance for the household.


  1. Classic and modern mix

Urban living room concept with the combination of classic and modern look in this space still seems attractive despite it has minimalist arrangement. With unusual mirror above the fireplace, parquet floor, and picturesque coffee table, those furnitures bring a different view.


  1. Catchy fashionable

Bold, full of energy and funky impression in this room really reflects the homeowner who dared to be different. Contrasted furniture with unusual shapes and some fun decoration elements give a plus point in this living room.

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