Planning Vegetable Garden

Growing the Home Garden with Homemade Watermelon

If you want to make a vegetable garden, you need to follow these useful plans.
First step that you can do is you can select what kinds of vegetables you want to plant. You have to choose appropriate plants that can grow well in your area. Why? It is because there are few vegetables that cannot grow well in improper climate, soil, and other conditions.    The second step is you must draw a diagram for your garden site. You must be able to decide and show kinds of vegetables, distance, and planting time. This step will help you to memorize your task in gardening to make your vegetable garden has a good condition.

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The third step is preparing your garden tools like spade, hoe, rake, hand seeder, spreader, trowel, wheel cultivator, and many more.If you have those things, you can start your gardening.

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After you get the useful plans for making a vegetable garden, do you want to know vegetable growing time? I will share some of vegetables growing time to you.
Asparagus can grow for 8 -10 weeks.
Broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprout grow for 5-7 weeks
Sweet corn, watermelon, and cucumber grow for 3-4 weeks
Onions grows for 10-12 weeks

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