Organizing and Storing Your Book Collections

Decorative Bookshelf as Divider Between Living Room and Other Room

Collecting books in the house is a positive thing. It will be very unfortunate if your hobby cannot be realized just because you do not have enough space to store them. Definitely, as long as time runs your book collections will be more and more. If you do not want to let them pile up in a mess, the books should be saved in particular place.

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In a small house, rooms that used for storing books are very hard to find. Creating special space such a library is already impossible. Moreover, you do not have enough space either to add a bookcase.

Is there any other way? Just try searching for unused corners in the house, especially in your living room. This area can be transformed into a book storage area in order to provide your book collection still stored neatly without making your house full filled. You can consider the following things below:

Make them as decorating stuff

Many people try to hide bookshelves; moreover, some people even keep books in the warehouse. Otherwise, if you can present beautiful shelves, these books can be a unique home decoration, replacing paintings and other wall decorations.

Space Partition

Bookshelf can also be some sort of divider between the rooms. In the small houses, it is usually a bulkhead which is separate the living room and dining room or the others. Well, you can use the bookshelf as a divider between the rooms.

Take the space advantage

Be smart in searching a gap in the home. Gap under the stairs, unused garage, the upper walls, or a corner in the living room are a few examples of areas that you can use to put a bookcase.

Hanging shelf

The term "hanging shelf" means a rack attached to the wall, not the shelf that has legs. This kind of shelf can be lighter, it does not make your room cramped, also,  due to it has no legs, the bottom can be used to put other furniture, such as a sofa or table.

Shelf built into the wall

If you want to impress the room becomes neat and clean, a shelf that built into the wall can be the right choice. It can make the room space not reduced. Before making into the wall shelf, think about what books will be loaded inside. This is because the shelf will be permanently placed in the wall; therefore, it will be difficult to change the shape and the size.

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