Natural Nuanced Bathroom Designs

One of bathroom concepts that quite popular nowadays is a natural nuanced bathroom. Natural nuanced bathroom usually has an open bathroom concept and surrounded by greenery but remain walled. This kind of bathroom will allow you to feel natural atmosphere but your privacy will be maintained as well when you’re in the bathroom. Besides that, the air of natural nuance bathroom is more fresh and healthier especially during the day because of the oxygen released by the greenery. You will certainly feel a unique and different sensation while taking a bath. These following tips will help you create a natural nuanced bathroom in your home.

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The first tip is you should use glass material for the bathroom door and separation wall. For the glass selection, you don’t have to use clear glass; you can also choose a variety of other glass options. Besides glass, you can add natural stones in order to get a sense of open space. Those stones can be applied as floor and wall coating material.


The second tip is to make the bathroom facing your garden. If you create a natural feel to the bathroom interior, it’s as if the bathroom is in a cool outdoors. But it seems this second tip is a bit difficult to do or even impossible. If you can’t do this tip, you can add some potted greenery in the corner of the bathroom to help provide a cool atmosphere.


The third tip is you should consider the color selection for your bathroom. For a natural nuanced bathroom, green and brown are the best color choice. These colors represent the color of nature. So, applying these colors to your bathroom will allow you to feel like taking a bath in the open.


And the last one is to add natural aromatherapies. This tip is very easy to do for those who want to make a natural nuanced bathroom. Putting natural elements such as stones and greenery or pleasant aromas is also a way to make the bathroom has a natural feel. Aromatherapies are also refreshing the bathroom and help you to relax your weary mind after doing activities all day.

So, how is it? Are you interested in creating a natural nuanced bathroom? Good luck!


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