Natural Korean Living Room Design

Same to the Japanese and Chinese decoration, Korea architectural design also brings the concept of a typical Oriental. The natural brown color wood with a soft tone which gives the feel of tranquility becomes the character of Korean oriental living room design.

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In color using, Korean oriental living room design is almost the similar to the Japanese. Tend to be simple and accentuate the natural concept that can give the impression of peace for the household. Korean traditional interior style also widely adopted in modern residence in various countries. Likewise in Europe, if you are interested in bringing the feel of Oriental, you can choose Korean Living Room Design.

The look of the living room which accentuates the concept of simplicity will make you have no trouble to bring the feel of a thick Korea on your dwelling place. The easiest way is by doing an experiment using earthy colors like brown. Apply it well on the wall or furniture ornament and accessories in the room. As well as the Japanese interior, the use of wood or bamboo ornaments significantly important on Korean Oriental design.

You can bring the unique atmosphere of Korean in the living room to show the first antique impression for your home. On the wall, you can wrap it with brown color by applying paint coat. Show it up with a simple light impression by choosing brown gradation for the walls of your Oriental living room. Brown, cream or yellow applies in all other living room elements.

Insert wooden ornaments that carved with stick up Korean design, for example on the ceiling, sliding doors, wall hangings, and dark brown table. Another salient characteristic of the Korean living room design is they also do not use the chairs for the seat; it is replaced with a low seat cushion on the floor, same as the traditional Japanese style. Moreover, add Shoji lamps accessories in the corner of the room and some antique ceramics.

By decorating the room with natural Korean living room style, you can get the oriental atmosphere, comfortable place, warm laying area and make anyone coming as if it is in the heyday of empire Korea.

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