Modern Minimalist VS Country Minimalist Kitchen

Modern Kitchen With Minimalist Concept

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home. So, it’s no wonder that every home has it, whether it’s big-sized or minimalist, depends on the homeowner wishes and the space available. A minimalist kitchen is popular nowadays. It’s because this kind of kitchen is not only simpler and easy to clean, but also still can be decorated as the owner wishes. The modern and rustic or country-ish design can also be applied to a minimalist kitchen.

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Some homeowners prefer a modern kitchen, but some of them may don’t want to lose the beauty and exoticism of rustic feel in their kitchen. Each of both designs has their own characteristics. Here is the difference of the modern minimalist and country-ish minimalist kitchen.

Modern minimalist kitchen

A modern minimalist kitchen is basically a kitchen with a simple look without too many accessories. The little use of accessories is intended to make the kitchen doesn’t look overcrowded. Besides that, a modern minimalist kitchen is also characterized by the use of multifunctional cabinets or furniture to save space. In term of color, white is the most popular choice, especially for a small kitchen. This is because bright colors like white make a small room seem spacious. In addition, white will also create a neat impression to the kitchen.

Country minimalist kitchen

In addition to the modern kitchen, there are many homeowners who choose a country-ish design with a typical rural atmosphere for their kitchen. The country-ish minimalist kitchen is low-priced because the decoration can be arranged without the need of expensive furniture or ornaments. The decoration of this kitchen is dominated by wooden furniture and decoration made of natural material, for example, dried plants or dried branches that had been treated in such a way so that it remains durable and beautiful. Some homeowners may use furniture made of reclaimed wood as well. Some clay pots can also be put in this kitchen as a decoration element. Cream, light blue, light yellow or light brown are colors that generally used. Off-white is quite popular to be used for the wall.

The choice of design depends on the taste of each homeowner. The most important thing is to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen so that it remains comfortable to be used.

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