Lovely Bathroom with Natural Lighting Decorations

Bathroom with Great Natural Lighting Decorations

The temperature of the bathroom is usually moist because this room always has a direct contact with the water. Therefore, it is really important to provide enough exposure for this room. The good lighting systems also help us to observe around the bathroom and they are very useful if you want to apply makeup or just check your appearance.

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A design bathroom that gets a great exposure is presented in the picture above. As you can see, this bathroom has a skylight installed on the vaulted ceiling. This skylight lets the natural light from the outside enter and brightens up this room. Moreover, its position which is located right above the drop-in tub lets you feel the warmth while you are soaking in the tub. To avoid the incoming exposure become too bright or hot, the skylight is covered by the horizontal blinds so that you can adjust the incoming light. An additional window with the blinds is also available. This room is not only provided with the natural light but it also has the artificial lighting systems. Some recessed lamps and a lamp decoration are installed on the ceiling. This lamp decoration can also be functioned as a fan. It aids to give a good air circulation to this room. Moreover, several wall sconces are mounted above the mirror owned by the dressing area.

This bathroom is also equipped with a shower area which is separated by transparent glass. So, you don’t to add more lights because the light from the outside of the shower room can fill this area too. In this area, there is an open shelf to place your toiletries, such as the liquid soap and shampoo. This bathroom has a vanity which is coated by brown cultured marble as the countertop whilst the cabinets are made of wood. This vanity is equipped with double sinks and minimalist metal faucets. For the decorations, you can place some greenery plants to give some natural touches. And, a tufted carpet with a decorative design on the floor is also a nice idea to make this room even more beautiful.

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