Living Room Inspirations with Wooden Ceiling Beams

historical wooden ceiling beams with white furnishings

In recent days, people tend to invent a minimalist living room design that uses modern furniture even modern ceiling that cover their interior. But have you ever thought about something different twhich can be got from the role of wooden ceiling beams? With wooden beams, we will create a rustic, traditional, and historical theme at once yet does not forgetting its modern nuance. Regarding wooden ceiling beams, we have living room ideas that you can apply in your beloved living room. Here they are:

historical wooden ceiling beams with white furnishings : Living Room Inspirations with Wooden Ceiling Beamsopen plan living room arched windows wooden ceiling beams : Living Room Inspirations with Wooden Ceiling Beamsrustic feel living room with modern furniture combination : Living Room Inspirations with Wooden Ceiling Beamswooden ceiling beams in white livsng room walls : Living Room Inspirations with Wooden Ceiling Beams

This one is a farmhouse that mixes modern and old furniture in one room. we have to appreciate wooden ceiling beams at the top that bring warm shade for below. One interesting accessories put in this room is top of wine table that hung above the fireplace. It gives a unique display; thoug.oak flooring can create a plain canvas which allows us to arrange the furniture freely. There are contemporary pictures and photographs attached to the walls. For the seating, modern armchairs, upholstered and tables play their roles while white table lamp and flower invite a great touch for the entire spots.

Wooden ceiling beams in this rustic modern living room make the nuance becomes more attractive. Somehow, aside from giving strong frames or the roof, it also feels a little bit interesting artistic stuff. This living room featured lovely sofa’s plaid blankets. White walls mixed with wooden colors and bluish furniture ambiance can make us feel comfortably sit on.

If you like minimalist design with modern touches, this Manhattan house may be perfect as inspiration. It was designed by Rita Konig who unites the living room and dining room. I love the arched windows there due to their classy and appealing shapes. Soft finishing on wooden ceiling beams complete living room theme along with love sofa. Moreover, walls are painted with cream pallete which provide warm and cozy atmosphere.

What I mentioned about historical impression of wooden ceiling beams might be appears here. Those beams lead us to certain history by their picturesque textures and shapes. Furnishings come with comfy sofa, chairs and wide ottoman. Console table is decorated with two table lamps and lovely flower vase while the another decoration is the jars behind sofa.

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