A Living Room Is Your Family Room

Imagine how happy looking at your kids play cheerfully in your house.  Imagine when every time you go home; there is an area where all family members get together and talk while watching TV or have a storytelling. Imagine there is a room that always makes you feel longing to go home and just want to gather with family members while enjoying snacks on the table.

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It is inevitable that harmony within the family is the most wanted and preferred point. Therefore, the proper occupancy which can be the media for creating home's harmony is needed.

A living room not only serves as a place to serve your guests but also for your family room where you can having fun together. Hence, how you can create a living room that can be a gathering place for the whole family to create harmony?

You might want to apply several things in creating a comfortable family room. One of them is by giving warm and cheerful bright colors. With a bright touch, you will get a spacious impression of the room. Paint the walls with the orange as the main color and you can apply yellow as a point of view. In choosing the furniture, you can use the same color as the wall color. However, it will be better if you use furnishings contrast with the walls, such as red, brown, green, purple or white. Choose furniture with the appropriate size with the room.

Leave carpet with the simple patterns. Give a big cushion so your family members can sit and chatting. Adequate lighting can create a cheerful and positive impression. If you like plants, use potted tropical plants in one of the corners in the room in order to get a nature impression.

You may place an aquarium in the living room. It also serves as a room divider; the glass of aquarium can also give a wider impression. Good ventilation arrangement with elevating it will give an extensive impression.

The good thing is the living room or the family room can be functioned as a banquet on special occasions such as a party, open house, birthday party and others. Well, make your comfortable living and family room as minimalist as possible.

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