Get Your Living Room & Dining Room in One Space

Combining a living room and dining room is an effective way of space utilization. The living room is a place where we gather with family and usually eat together in the dining room. So, combine both areas can make the family atmosphere becomes more harmonious and also make the room look wider and bigger.

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If you are somebody who loves watching TV while eating, but you don't want to put a TV in the dining room, the area combining can be your solution. Read this explanation, so you can utilize the room nicely.


You may want different lighting although you combine 2 areas in the house. Choose chandelier or pendant lamp, then hang it on the ceiling in the dining room area. Meanwhile, you can use a standing lamp and put it in the living room area.

Decoration and color

Avoid giving different styles, for example, you want a vintage style in the dining room, then you give a modern style in the living room. But, if you use an eclectic style, simply explore your taste. If you want different feels, just give 2 different colors to each area. Choose neutral or pastel colors to make the areas look wider and give the same floor type to create unification. Decorate both areas with accessories that have the same theme of both areas such as tablecloths, decorative plate, lampshades, and others.

Area separation

It's simple. Use a divider such as a folding screen to separate 2 areas. Separation area is intended to give privacy to each area. Another way is giving 2 different colors, but make sure that both colors match. But, if you don't want those 2 alternatives, you can set the couch facing the dining room, put book shelves or ornament shelf display.

 Furniture selection

Classify the furniture that has its own function in the dining room and living room. Give the same distance among furniture, so that the area will stay balance. Choose simple furniture that doesn't has lots of ornaments. Make sure that all furniture can be neatly organized in each area and doesn't make the area looks crowded.

Well, thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration in managing your room.

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