Lighten Up the Gloomy Dining Room

Amazing Midcentury Dining Room With Bright Walls Color

The dining rooms that full of lighting and windows sometimes still feel cramped and dark. Redecorate the dining room could be a way to make the dining room look brighter. In fact, you still can brighten the dining room up without spend too much money. With the proper solution, it will embellish your entire look of your dining room. You can also ask the opinion from the interior designer which expert about such a thing. Don’t forget to listen to the family opinion too, to make the dining room become an interesting room for everyone.

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First, you can change the wall color.

Update existing wall paint. The faded walls color will make any space feel cramped. Take the time for preparatory work, such as cleaning, patching cracked parts with duct tape and put limits on the paper the usual thing you need to do before paint the wall.

Second, choose the brighter painting

Choose light-colored paint or light. Colors such as shell egg brown, cream, and other colors close to white will reflect light and make the room seem more spacious. If you will paint over a darker shade, provide extra time for a coating with a primer containing paint or basic colors. As wall cover, use matte paint or which has the effect of soft or satin (effect between glossy and matte). Overburden glossy finish will create glare. You need to see a light-colored cloth brighten the room.

Third, consider painting the wall with more than one color

Consider to apply a light blue color or the color of another soft light color as decoration at the single wall. If you want to draw attention to the fireplace area or one part of the room, consider painting it with bright colors that support the room decor. Always use the lightest pastel colors, because the color may appear darker when coating large areas.

Fourth, stick wide wallpaper with attractive pattern

Put reflective wallpaper on one side of the wall. Although the installation is relatively difficult, wallpaper makes the room more interesting. Install the wallpaper on the wall of the opposite side to the window so that it can reflect light.

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