Lavish Classic Bathroom with Molding Decorations

Classic Bathroom With Great Interior Decor

Wooden material is always successful to bring out the naturalness of any room including the bathroom. In the picture above, there is a bathroom which is designed with many fixtures that are made of wood. Even the ceiling is embellished by wood.

Traditional Bathroom With Nice Wooden Vanity Cabinets : Lavish Classic Bathroom with Molding DecorationsClassic Bathroom With Great Interior Decor : Lavish Classic Bathroom with Molding DecorationsGorgeous Bathroom With Classic Style Decor : Lavish Classic Bathroom with Molding DecorationsLuxurious Clasic Bathroom Interior Decoration : Lavish Classic Bathroom with Molding Decorations

In this room, both left and right sides are provided with a vanity which is equipped with one big cabinet. For the additional storages, the other drawers are also placed. Each side is provided with a rounded mirror. As we can see, the design of this bathroom is really symmetrical. It has the same proportion and also it is equipped with the same facilities on both sides. However, this symmetrical bathroom still has a difference. On the right side, the fixtures and decoration are attaching to the wooden wall. There is no window available on this side. Meanwhile, the left side contains some paneled windows. All of these windows are covered by horizontal blinds. These blinds are useful to reduce the incoming light from the outside, so it won’t hurt our eyes.

This bathroom also receives a sufficient light from the artificial lighting systems which are placed on several parts. On the wall, there are wall-mounted lamps. The shape of these lamps looks like an umbrella. On the ceiling, there are some recessed lights planted on the molding ceiling and they surround the rectangular wooden decoration; meanwhile, a crystal lamp is placed in the middle.

Even though the overall appearance is symmetric, the position of the tub is not in the center, but it is placed more leftward. This tub is embellished with two molding pillars and the colors are also brown which is matching with the color theme of this room. And, the chasing of the tub is made of dark brown wood with the grayish black decoration.

This room looks so classical because it uses a lot of wooden material and also brown color. These wooden fixtures are varnished beautifully so that they can shine when the light, whether it is artificial or natural, hits them. Because of this sparkle, this bathroom is able to bring out the elegance.

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