Some Interesting Ideas to Decorate Small or Large Bathrooms

Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom Decor

A small bathroom which the floors and walls are painted with creamy tones of marble is able to present a luxurious atmosphere regardless of its size. In the end of the room, there is a white bathtub planted with the window next to it. The green plant in a white vase adds the beauty of the room. This bathroom is also completed with a floating toilet located right beside the tub. Plus, there is a white pristine cloakroom sink placed on the floating countertop that has the same color. Some mirrors in a row are set in one frame that has a wooden brown accent. Recessed lights installed on the ceiling make the bathroom brighter.

large luxury bathroom with light green walls, dark cabinetry and white bathtub : Some Interesting Ideas to Decorate Small or Large Bathroomslarge minimalist custom bathroom with stand alone claw tub and dark flooring : Some Interesting Ideas to Decorate Small or Large BathroomsLuxurious and Elegant Bathroom Decor : Some Interesting Ideas to Decorate Small or Large Bathroomsmodern marble bathroom with single white sink and white toilet : Some Interesting Ideas to Decorate Small or Large Bathrooms

The simple and minimalist designs are the characteristics of a modern bathroom. Your bathroom doesn’t have to look tacky to make it prettier. Moreover, minimalist appliances and decorations are not only able to create a modern nuance but also help to give more spaces in the bathroom so that it can be more spacious. Selecting natural materials, such as stones or pebbles and wood for the interiors accentuates the homey feeling because they make you surrounded by nature. The selection of the soft and natural colors like brown, light gray, white, etc are also perfect for the natural theme. Rather than choosing a rectangular design for your bathtub, you can place an oval-shaped freestanding bathtub which looks like a boat.

The floors of this bathroom are decorated with polka dot motives whilst the walls are painted with the light green tone. There are dark wood cabinets with a white countertop that is embellished with some greeneries inside the black vases. A black-framed simple ornate mirror is also provided with the walls sconces above it and a recessed light in the center of the ceiling that brighten up the bathroom. A white bathtub is located adjacent to the roll blind window. If the incoming light is too bright for you, you can roll down the blinds to reduce the light intensity. The shower area is also built with the frosted glass as the covering, so people can’t see you accidentally while you are showering.

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