White And Pink Living Room Color Combination Photos Gallery

These are five tips to integrate the pink color in your living room interior.

  1. Combine pink with orange

Pink and orange are the secondary colors. Due to they have the same character; hence, the result that will appear can be suitable. You can use orange to dominate the color more than pink. Apply your wall with full orange color and use pink sofa. You can also add the white or black as the basic color. These colors will neutralize the shade. If you want provide fresh orange color on the floor just like a lemon, and then you may want to find orange tiles.

  1. Combine pink with white

The combination of pink and white surely is a great one. White color which has a neutral characteristic can decrease the monotonous impression of pink. Here are the tips to integrate pink with white: paint the wall with white color and then pink color can be applied on the furniture. For example, pink sofa with patterned pillows. Besides, for the tables and cabinet, you can also use them which have pink color.

  1. Combine pink with blue

Pink and blue actually not too charming to be combined, but if you can mix them with other colors as the mediator, you will get the best result. Use this technique in the living room by adding blue color on the curtains and sofa, while cabinets and tables on pink. However, do not use both colors for the wall decorations. It will be better if you can use some abstract designs such as red and white stripes wallpaper.

  1. Combine pink with purple

Pink and purple are favorite colors of woman for the most. You can use light purple color on the wall and bright floor color such as white. For the furniture, you can use pink color. This combination will invent a thick girly impression

  1. Combine pink with red

This one can be proper if you paint the wall with pink and the furniture with red or vice versa. It is suggested to provide the wooden floor in order to make you living room does not seems monotonous.

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