Ideas in Designing a Small Kitchen

Decorative Open Shelves Ideas for the Small Kitchen Design

Just because you don’t have enough space in your small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the style or function. Every space of your kitchen must be utilized. Here are 7 ideas in designing a small kitchen.

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Choose sleek and sturdy appliances

To give a spacious impression, choose small but sturdy and durable appliances. Lately, there are many appliances available on the market that have an ergonomic design, small, yet still look stylish.

Use single-bowl sink

To make your countertops look more spacious, simply use single-bowl sink rather than the double one. Besides that, it will look simpler as well. Nowadays, there are many single-bowl sink designs available on the market.

Utilize the wall as storage

If there is an empty wall in your kitchen, don’t just use it to hang a calendar or painting. Utilize every empty space as storage by installing a wall-mounted cabinets or racks or S-hooks to hang kitchen utensils.

Customized kitchen set

The easiest way to design a minimalist kitchen is by using a customized kitchen set that is adjusted to the kitchen size and your needs. By using such kitchen set, it will save space of the kitchen.

Minimalist hardware

You need to pay attention to every detail of your minimalist kitchen, including the choice of knobs and handles. Those two things should have a sleek, slender and minimalist design. Proper lighting and high-gloss cabinet can also help to make the room look spacious.

Ceiling-height cabinets

With limited space, you should be able to utilize every corner of the room. It’s better if you use ceiling-height cabinets in your minimalist kitchen. Consequently, you may need a small chair to reach the top drawer; however, this is the most effective storage solution.

No door

You can remove the kitchen door and it will make the room more spacious. Besides it allows you to move freely when doing activities in the kitchen, it also gives a different style to your kitchen. Furthermore, the air circulation will run well if there is no door in the kitchen.

Hopefully, these ideas help you to create a neat minimalist kitchen.

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