How to Give a Country Atmosphere to Your Bathroom Part 1

Great Country Style Bathroom Shower Design

A country design will present perfection for your bathroom. It is because a country decoration gives you relaxing atmosphere and a slower-paced to your bathroom, so you can feel more comfortable when you are inside it. A peaceful ambiance is one that you desire after spending your whole day with hectic activities. Therefore, this style of bathroom is very suitable for you. Nevertheless, you need to know what fixtures, installations, and decorations that can present you a country feeling. You can’t just pick them at random without knowing and considering whether they are fit each other and can meet your expectations. Thus, here are some suggestions that you surely need to keep in mind if you desire to renovate your bathroom into a country model.

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Beware in selecting the designs for the fixtures

When we talk about country things, it is not far from the topic about classic goods and fixtures. It also applies to the bathroom which has a country concept. All of the fixtures have a connection with the vintage atmosphere. If you have been saved a claw-foot tub in your bathroom all this time and it is still well-maintained, you are really lucky. A claw-foot tub is an essential thing to bring out the country atmosphere for your bathroom. However, if you also want a shower stall available in your bathroom, you still can install it; yet, remember to prevent choosing metallic and shiny materials. Furthermore, having a showroom which has a blend of contemporary and the country designs is also great too. Combination both of contemporary and country design is more familiar in these days.

Moreover, we will move in the elections of the washbasin, faucet, and also vanity for your bathroom. For a country bathroom, it would be nicer and more perfect if you choose a pedestal sink for your bathroom’s washbasin. No doubt, it gives the country atmosphere to your bathroom. You also need to present more country feeling to your bathroom by using faucets which have country designs. This task won’t be tough because they have been sold by many markets. For a vanity, you can choose any material; yet, you need to stay remember not to give too complicated designs.


You can read further information in the second part of this article. See you!

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