A Garden Designs for Your Long Narrow Yard

Contemporary Long Narrow Garden Ideas

Never assume that limited or narrow area in your outdoor doesn’t allow you to have a garden. Give a beautiful arrangement, and then you will have your dream garden even though only in small size.

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A long narrow garden above is so wonderful, isn’t it? It has a beautiful and neat arrangement. Surrounded by wooden fence makes the garden has a natural touch which is harmonious with the naturalness of garden plants.

At the edges of the garden, the plants grow in the soil but covered by grayish pebbles. Wooden raised garden beds are created in the garden area and beautiful plants are grown in it. The wood material of raised beds balances with the wood material of the garden fence.

Between the raised beds, some plants are grown directly in the soil. And in front of it, the refreshing small lawn grass can be a place for kids to play. It will only be blankness if the paver flooring covers all the area.

Some furniture is placed in the garden area. They are two iron garden chairs with round-shaped table and another furniture is a square wooden table with some chairs and in the middle of the table is a black parasol. The parasol is such a big umbrella that is used to protect people from hot sunlight.

This garden has proven that a narrow area still allows people to have a beautiful garden.

The impression of clean which comes from white color and naturalness of wood makes the long narrow garden above has a charming combination. The green grass and plants blend harmoniously with the white color of some ornaments.

The combination of wooden deck and lawn grass is really amazing area utilization. With a triangle shape as a unique cut in the middle area of garden, makes the garden has a focal point on its floor. The wooden garden fence is balanced by the wood material of the area combination.
In the wooden area, pretty flowering plants embellish its area. Two chairs with round-shaped table provide people to relax. Some furniture with a gorgeous white parasol also can be a place for people to enjoy the garden view under the sun.
Overall look of this long narrow garden is truly enthralling.

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