A Functionally Dining Room Must Be

Industrial Dining Room With Functional Space Design

Some people confuse when decorating the dining room. What furniture that fits into the room is the most important thing in the dining room. The proper size gives big differences in the room. Since the furniture, in this case, is a dining table and dining chair. However, the dining chair and table is the focal point of the room. You need to choose both of them carefully. And don’t forget about another element in the room.

Contemporary Dining Room With Open Space Concept : A Functionally Dining Room Must BeDining Room Arrangement With Good Functional Space : A Functionally Dining Room Must BeIndustrial Dining Room With Functional Space Design : A Functionally Dining Room Must BeLarge Dining Room With Great Dining Furniture : A Functionally Dining Room Must Be

Whether you wonder what furniture maybe suit in the room, you can start with measure the large of the room. After you know how big your room is, then you can choose the proper size of furniture. The tables are about, at least 30 inches high. And the chair height has to be less than the table, generally, 18 inches is a great size. The distance between the chair and the wall surrounding is about 36 inches. The height between the seat and the table top must be at least 12 inches to comfort the people when seating around. If you planning on add more seating you need to use a higher table. And to anticipate for the future that you may need more seating you can prepare some folding seat.

The table shape also plays important role in the dining room. Most people will choose between rectangular, oval or square table. For a small dining room, the homeowner usually prefers to choose a circle dining table. And for a larger room, the rectangular or square table is a great choice. For a small dining room, you can use expandable dining table so you can pull it out when you want to use it. For you who want to create an intimate gathering you can choose the circle dining table even if the dining space is large enough you still can choose the oval or circle table. And to fill the empty space in the room you can add a coffee table and a cabinet. Those two items have usually become the important stuff. Dining is not only a place to eat but also a place to store and display the favorite stuff.

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