Some Fun Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom With Nice Wall Tiles Pattern

It is a bit rare to find a bathroom that has an access to the outside. Moreover, one this door is fully transparent. Although this kind of bathroom is able to give you a great experience, some of you might feel uncomfortable because people outside can accidentally see when you are enjoying your precious time. So, it will be more convenient if you install the draperies to cover this door.

bathroom wood roll blinds : Some Fun Ideas to Create Your Dream BathroomContemporary Bathroom With Nice Wall Tiles Pattern : Some Fun Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroomrustic bathrooms with track lights : Some Fun Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroomtransparent door and feature wall in the bathroom : Some Fun Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroom

There are two vanities are put separately. These vanities are flanking the furnace which is located between them. Each of them has a circular mirror. The countertops are made of stone whilst the bottom parts look like a mirror. You can also see your reflection through these parts. The sinks look like a bowl and they are made of stainless metal.

The floor is decorated with a long decorative carpet with the combination colors of black and white, so does with the wall. An oval-shaped bathtub is standing elegantly near this wall. On this feature wall, there is a caricature painting that accentuates the uniqueness of this room.

The bathrooms with utilizing a rustic style surely have many admirers. It is because the atmosphere given is different from the contemporary or modern style. When someone has a bathroom which applies this style, s/he can feel how the condition in the past. The rustic bathrooms still have a lot of charms to entertain the homeowners.

Almost the entire wall and appliances are made of wood. The egg-shaped white bathtub is located adjacent with a window which is opening widely. This bathroom is also equipped with a shower area which is covered with the frosted glass partition. Several lights are installed on the ceiling, including the track lights. And also, the wall sconces are placed on the edges of the mirror to give you more exposures when you need to use this mirror.

This bathroom is almost fully made of wooden material. With the built-in tub placed close to the extended mirror, you can see a swimming pool outside. Wood roll blinds are also installed, so you can close them if you don’t want your fun moment disturbed.

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