Feel the Wonderful Of Japanese Dining Room

Modern Minimalist Japanese Dining Room

Now, people can get information through the world just by watching television, listen to the radio or on the website. Now, people who lived in Japan décor their house with western design are not a weird thing anymore.  There are thousand more about a style of the house which is affected each other. Here are some of the mix influences.

Traditional Japanese Dining Room With Exotic Wooden Dining Table : Feel the Wonderful Of Japanese Dining RoomJapanese Dining Room With Minimalist Dining Table : Feel the Wonderful Of Japanese Dining RoomMinimalist Japanese Dining Space : Feel the Wonderful Of Japanese Dining RoomModern Minimalist Japanese Dining Room : Feel the Wonderful Of Japanese Dining Room

Now, many Japanese new families like to adopt western design into their home. Although they still use the traditional design in some part of the house. As you can see in the picture above, they flooring using tile not using wood anymore. This design still using a low table which is we all know that low table is one of the most popular of Japanese style. The low table looks complete with floor cushion and the island as the focal point. However, don’t forget to put pillows to seat you comfort during the dining time.

This dining room has a sunken table. If you need more space you can tuck away the sunken table into the floor. It is very flexible and practical. Besides that, this table also very popular too. This dining room is not just a dining room; you can use this room for numerous activities. The pendant lamp creates a special ambiance into it; spread the light entire the dining room softly. The television inside it makes the dining room more interesting. You can stay in this dining room in a long time with your family, don’t worry about anything else.

Combining modern and traditional is interesting. This dining room is influenced by that three of a statement; casual, versatile but minimalist. If you want to bring the traditional in your modern dining room you can try this decoration. The low table looks so comfortable with a pair of a fluffy soft-textured pillow, the empty space under the table let your feet free. Consider the contrast color to make it looks attractive. The wide glass window let the sunlight enter the dining room naturally and creates a special ambiance. So, no need to turn on the lamp when the day is still bright. It’s recommended for you who want to save more energy.

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