Fabulous Wall Mural Living Rooms

Trees Wall Mural

I have talked about how we can create a wall mural for the living room. This time, I will give you some cool designs of the wall mural in some living rooms.  You must be impressed and may want to make it happen in your home interior.

Forest Wall Murals : Fabulous Wall Mural Living RoomsGeometric Wall Murals : Fabulous Wall Mural Living RoomsGreat Natural Themes Wall Mural : Fabulous Wall Mural Living RoomsTrees Wall Mural : Fabulous Wall Mural Living Rooms

A living room with a green atmosphere is always exciting to have. When you look at this living room with the tree wall mural, you can feel that as if you are in the middle of the cave or forest, right? A wonderful painting here looks natural and seems to be real. By the combination of several white sofas come with green, brown, red and white pillows make everybody relax in this living room. The large and wide low table here decorated by traditional jugs gives a more natural ambiance. Two color ottomans and big rug here seem match with the living room theme.

It is a very simple mural painting which only has black stripes on the wall and the ceiling. As you can see that the living room looks elegant with combination of black and white colors. The large and high curtains here have a role in creating a glamorous shade. Several modern furniture such as the black and white sofa that looks soft. On the rounded table, you can see the bowls as the decoration and also as the popcorn container when you watch movies together with family or friends. It is due to the placement of the large screen LCD there; therefore, this living room surely built as like a home cinema. Look at three unique modern side chairs, or you call them lounge chairs. A nice place to get relaxes.

Most people prefer to choose the plants or tree painting as the mural in their interior. Just like this living room. A beautiful ambiance created trees where some gorgeous little birds fly nearby. This painting uses only two colors, so it looks simple yet still picturesque. The use of the white color on the walls and the sofa look harmonious along with other furniture in the room.

Here is another attractive wall mural in the living room. The “real” forest makes a fresh and comfy atmosphere here. Do not you believe? Just look at the cat there, it looks really pleasant sitting on the couch, right? (LOL)

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