Elegant Impression with Black Living Room Designs

Stong black wall section with vague bookshelf and black seating area rounded white coffee table

If we talk about fashionable living room designs, it cannot be separated from the color nuance that is chosen. For some reason, black color as the nuance in the living room can create an elegant feel, modern ambiance and also masculine impression. This article gives you four attractive living room decorations in the black ambiance which looks fashionable and sophisticated.

Stong black wall section with vague bookshelf and black seating area rounded white coffee table : Elegant Impression with Black Living Room Designsblack living room walls with nifty gray sofa below the curve floor lamp : Elegant Impression with Black Living Room Designselegant living room in minimalist design with black and gray wall accents : Elegant Impression with Black Living Room Designsliving room with black ambiance near the staircase with wide full window : Elegant Impression with Black Living Room Designs

The idea of this living room is to paint all the walls with black color. Therefore, it can invent eh soft aesthetic and comfortable view for the visitors. However, sometimes the use of black walls in the living room makes a little creepy feel, but not with this room. It seems elegant with the contemporary taste by the soft upholstered sofa in gray color. Besides, the pillows can invite bearing atmosphere in the living room. Wired bookshelf at the corner creates a particular drama along with the curved floor lamp above the sofa. For the cool nuance, there is placed a green plant. The window itself has a white color to make the atmosphere remains bright. It also has rolled up curtain which looks nifty.

This one is designed by Abraham Guerrero. It has luxurious combinations of black and gray wall which suitable with the floor and creates a dramatic accent. Wide dark gray sectional sofa is the anchor of this living room. With some simple patterned pillows can raise the pleasant. Slim coffee table shaded by huge domed pendant light. An orange lounge chair gives a little contrasted touch. This living room seems spacious with minimalist decoration.

There is no doubt that by bringing black color as the living room nuance can create a strong impression. By making one of the room wall sides as the solid block, it surely increases elegance. On the black wall in this room decorated with some attractive items such as abstract painting and vague bookshelf. A white rounded coffee table is very striking because it can invite the contrast shade to the other furniture. Black sleeper sofa comes with cushions. Side chairs on the left and black wide carpet mix well. A dramatic ambiance created from the black curtains on the window.

A pleasant living space with U-shaped sectional sofa has a modern touch with the look of lounge area and the staircase. It also beautified with three decorative hanging lamps below the white ceiling.

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