Eat-In Casual Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook With Wooden Pedestal Table

Start your day with nutritious but a light meal at the morning. Feel relax and enjoyment in the morning at bright dining nook, or some people have known as a breakfast nook. The bright and colorful breakfast nook will make the family enjoy the meal in happiness atmosphere. This affects to the appetite, their appetite increasing and makes them get enough nutrition. However, create an attractive breakfast nook is easy as long as you open your mind to any kind of design.

Traditional Breakfast Nook With Rustic Wooden Table : Eat-In Casual Breakfast NookBreakfast Nook With Wooden Pedestal Table : Eat-In Casual Breakfast NookCasual Breakfast Nook : Eat-In Casual Breakfast NookGreat Dark Wooden Breakfast Nook Design : Eat-In Casual Breakfast Nook

That picture of breakfast nook shows you how the calm and colorful color spicing up the entire room. Transform unused corner to be the useful area. The blue and pink give big impact to the simple and casual look. The neutral color is perfect for applying at the small space like this. Besides neutral color can match in any furniture color, neutral color which is looks lighter and brighter illuminate a room by reflecting the sunlight. A wall glass window let the natural sunlight enter the room and highlight the breakfast nook elegantly. Even so, to protect your privacy you need to install curtain or draperies. The curtain or draperies also can be used to reduce the light if you find out that the light is too bright.

Combining the kitchen and breakfast nook can be challenging. You need to mix and match the furniture in order to make both of the room looks well together. You do not need to add the separation, just place the rug underneath the table to create a focal point. At that picture, a designer doesn’t place a rug; instead, let the wooden floor exposed. Some people install a rug to cover the floor and avoid from being scratched. Because the breakfast nook will be used more frequent and caused the scratched on the floor surface.

Create a simple word at the wall mural give an attractive look into the dining look. You can write the word of wisdom or any word you like. Choose the matching color to make harmonize. Avoid using dark painting when you write down the wall mural. But it depends on your like.

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