Dutch Colonial Style Kitchen

Traditional Dutch Colonial Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

There are many interior designs or styles that can be used for a kitchen. Each style will provide a different atmosphere. If you want to get a different atmosphere in the kitchen, try a Dutch style kitchen design. In general, this design is characterized by the use of antique furniture and cabinets, obvious classic influence, as well as doors that split in two (split door). The combination of these three elements will provide an attractive look in the kitchen. In designing a Dutch style kitchen, there are several things you need to consider. Those things include:

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Wall paint color Design

Changing the wall paint color is the first step to change the atmosphere of your kitchen so that its look similar with the kitchens in Netherland. In the 17th century, where the Dutch ruled the world, colors that most widely used for a house are warm red, sky blue, and soft yellow. The type of natural color such as wood brown is often used as well. For the floor, you can take advantage of the color charm of the wood flooring and stone flooring. Lastly, you can add motifs to the kitchen cabinets so that the typical colonial atmosphere is increasingly felt.

Split door

One item that is always found in the Dutch style house and is rarely used in other styles is a door that is split into two parts, top and bottom. This door is usually referred as Dutch door or Dutch split door. This kind of door allows you to open just the top part of the door, while the bottom part remains closed. You can order this door specially or you can also modify the kitchen door that you already use. Some doors are even equipped with racks, so you can put kitchen utensils on it.

Kitchen accessories

The addition of appropriate accessories can strengthen the colonial impression in your kitchen. Try utilizing cement tiles to improve the classic style. You can also add hanging pots made of copper because this item is one of the typical craft of the Dutch.

Whatever the style of your kitchen is, don’t forget to always keep its comfort and cleanliness. Good luck!

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