Designing a Rustic Style Kitchen

Cool Old School Style in Rustic Kitchen Design Inspired

The design of a rustic kitchen has a distinctive traditional look. The main characteristic of this design lies in the decoration elements that are not given any finishing touches, so the original beauty of each ornament can be seen. The traditional atmosphere is the appeal of the rustic design. If you are interested in using this rustic design for your kitchen, you need to consider several tips below:

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Brick wall

The brick wall is a common sight seen in a rustic kitchen. This typical sight will create a traditional atmosphere, so the kitchen feels warmer and intimate. You can apply brick walls in the whole room or only at certain corners of the wall. The bricks will be a unique focal point of the room.

Old school atmosphere

It’s not a problem if you use modern equipment in a rustic kitchen. It is done to keep your ease in processing and preparing meals. However, since the rustic design is identical with a traditional atmosphere, you can modify the look of the equipment so they look old school. For example, you can modify the shape or give a certain color and motif.

Wood and iron furniture

Wood and iron materials have a rustic atmosphere. You can utilize these two materials to dominate the kitchen so the rustic atmosphere more pronounced. Wood can be used as the material of cabinets and dish rack, while iron can be used as the accessories of such furniture. Make sure that the furniture is not given finishing so the typical rustic impression remains felt.


The kitchen will look monotonous and less animate if not equipped with decorative ornaments. For the rustic style, you can provide plants in the kitchen as a decoration. Arrange potted plants in one corner of the kitchen, windowsill, or hanging them on the ceiling. The plants will liven up the kitchen.

Dim yellow light

The right lighting for a rustic kitchen is a dim yellowish lighting. Such lighting is effective to create a warm and traditional atmosphere in the kitchen. Try putting a chandelier as the main light and wall lights to beautify the atmosphere. The rustic atmosphere will be increasingly felt if you use traditional light sources such as candles, oil lamps, or torch.

Good luck!

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