mustard living room with dark furniture and floor cushion Photos Gallery

This living room has a unique, elegant and warm impression with its mustard color combination. The walls are painted softly with the impression between yellow and green. Curtains dangled beautifully on the windows. There is a classical sofa in yellowy-gold color in which decorated with some pillow prints that looks comfortable to sit on it. Two enticing side chairs in front of the sofa look perfect and match with the floral rug on the floor. The blue chair as the additional seating also has its own purpose. Some complement of the living room such as tables in dark color, the lamps and decorative flowers increase the warm and intimate ambiance here. What the most appealing and also as the anchor of the room is that wall display which contents of a lot of picture frames, paintings and old photographs. They are all arranged neatly, so it creates great gallery room.

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