How to Decorating Bedroom with Limitation

Simple Decor Ideas In Small Space Bedroom

The best part of bedrooms decoration is you can always do the bedroom decorating no matter what, be it you have a limited space or limited money to spend. There is always a way to do it. If you do not trust me, then take a look at this bedroom design below.

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This bedroom owner can even make the room feels brighter and airier just by opening up the attic space above the ceilings. Using white color can cover up the lack of light in this room since the white tone can reflect the outdoor light from ceiling and windows. While paired up with blue color, it makes this room kind of larger and brighter but at the same time, it gives calming atmosphere just like a sky color.

Then, to make up the limited space, the owners try to add built-in shelves that bookend the bed. This built-in shelves actually working as doors that open to storage closets. This way you can make use of your limited space. The main key of decorating your bedroom is to use up your creativities

If I say that this farmhouse is coming without closet does you still believe it?  Actually, the owner added a pair of his and her closets inside the bedroom by relocating the master bed. Of course, there is no easy way to add the closet inside it. By outfitted the space in between the closets with a built-in tabletop surface, it can also work as a desk.  By doing this you can also make the space free. The owner also uses his small dressers flanking double-duty as nightstands and clothing storage. Look, there is the countless way to cover up your limited space right?

The adjust as the bedroom design above this homeowner play with white and blue color combination in its bedroom. With the overall wood element around the room, it still gives a country feeling. And to finish it up, you can hang up a mirror in your bedroom. The mirror will give an optical illusion that tricks your eyes. Now your brain will think that your bedroom is larger.

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