How to Decorate the Coffee Table in Your Living Room

Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

The main function of the coffee table is to be the place where you can place remote, as the footstep or as the decorative element in the living room. However, a coffee table can seem messy and a little bit dull if you too scared to be creative. We have collected some beneficial tips to help you getting success in decorating your coffee table.

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1. As the other living room decoration areas, “three” is strong number regarding your coffee table arrangement. It does not matter your coffee table size and shapes, three items collections can be something easy to do. As an example, you can place a white flower vase with beautiful sun flower, stack of books, and a little sculpture on the coffee table. Put them spread on the entire table’s surface to get an art touch yet does not seems cramped.

2. Use books as the pad. To get a niftier look, you can use stack of books to put artwork on the coffee table. Those books can also invent a thick and strong structure; therefore, it can be used to put the other decorative elements on it. You can use magazines, or papers to build the layers, arrange theme become three or four dense books with the same size, and then place an artwork on that stack.

3. Use the tray. Beside of books, you can place the beautiful tray as the strong pad on the coffee table. Use it to place the vase, jars or the other decorative items.

4. Circle and box. There will be great to create a boxed pad using the books; however, if all the items are on the boxed shapes too, then the look will seem flat and toneless. Try to play with elegant curve which has contrasted shape to the coffee table itself and create an attractive combination. You can use rounded vase, bowl and some candles as the striking item.

5. Play with height and shapes. You will get additional energy by using some different item’s shapes and item’s height. Try to put three items with different shapes or stack those items. It will create a dynamic and interesting decoration.

6. Another thing that can increase the energy is by using plants. Use cactus that combined to metal book’s pad or glass décor. It surely can add fresh, natural and organic feel not only on the coffee table but also in your whole living room.

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