Creating a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Traditional Kids Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Having an active toddler is very pleasant indeed. At the age of five or six months, your toddler may have learned to crawl. With his or her tiny feet and hands, his or her curiosity is getting bigger. He or she will explore every room in the house by crawling. The question is, if your toddler wants to explore the kitchen area, is it safe enough? What should be considered in designing the kitchen so that your toddler stays safe when he or she is there? Here are the tips.

Contemporay Kitchen With Kids Friendly Design : Creating a Kid-Friendly KitchenModern Kids Friendly Kitchen Ideas : Creating a Kid-Friendly KitchenSimple Kids Friendly Kitchen Design : Creating a Kid-Friendly KitchenTraditional Kids Friendly Kitchen Ideas : Creating a Kid-Friendly Kitchen


Pay attention to the door leading to the kitchen. Apart from the kitchen door, you should consider the bathroom and rear door as well. Make sure these three doors are locked and the handles cannot be reached by your toddler. The drawer and cabinet door also need to be considered. Make sure it is locked and out of reach of your toddler.

Sharply angled furniture

Choose furniture that doesn’t have sharp corners or curved edges. Your toddler who is learning to stand probably will make the edge of the furniture as a handle.

Electrical connection

Don’t put the power plug at the bottom of the wall or other places that can be reached by your toddler. Also, make sure there is no electrical wire dangling on the edge of the table or on the floor. Out of curiosity, your toddler may pull it and he or she can be potentially affected by this electrical device.

Stove and dangerous appliances

Don’t turn on the stove, microwave, oven, or blender and then leave it. Keep lighters, knives, or liquids such as kerosene in a container or cabinet that is out of reach of your toddler.

Trash can

Trash can sometimes escapes from your attention. Make sure the trash can in the kitchen is closed so that waste containing bacteria cannot be reached or even swallowed by your toddler.

Besides five things above, you, as parents, should also actively participate in controlling and paying attention to your toddler so that he or she stays safe when exploring every room in the house.

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