Low Cost Garden Design Ideas

Creative Affordable Backyard Garden Design

In fact, limited area will never be a problem to have a garden. Simply look for blank area in the outdoor to make it as garden, even just a blank wall. Filling the blankness of a certain area with something beautiful means decorate the area itself at the same time.

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Utilizing the used items and transform them into something new will be amazing decorations, like a garden on the picture. It uses a rusty cart to be pot stand for the pretty succulents and cactus. Creative! They are planted in the three different color mini planters and they organized beatifully on the cart shelves.

Above the cart planter stand, there is a rectangular board with some dividers on it and some plants. Grown on the coco peat, make the plants attach and grow woderfully to beautify the wall. This vertical garden and the rusty cart planter stand can be a focal point of the garden due to their gorgeous look.

Other plants also embellish the garden area. They make the garden appearance becomes beautiful and nice. Different colors and shapes of the plants make the garden is varied. Gravel and natural stones that cover the garden area lead the garden has natural touch.

Utilizing the old furniture to be something more useful for you is a brilliant idea. So, you should make a consideration before throwing your old furniture away because you can take advantage of your used items. How about an old dresser in your room?

This creative garden idea uses an old dresser and repaints it with a blue color. Looks like a new, right? The silver frame of the oval mirror matches with the blue color of the dresser. Placed in front of the brownish natural stone wall with paver flooring makes the dresser becomes a focal point of the area.

Moreover, two drawers of the dresser are used as plant pots and two wall mounted pots with lush plants make the dresser looks beautiful. Some potted plants also decorated the dresser surface with various planters and something catchy is a small rock planter with tiny cactus on it. A table lamp with its white empire shade and a stack of magazines take part to beautify the dresser.

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