Compact Kitchen: Multi functional Solution for Small Space

Compact Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

It is no secret that the high price of property had been forced us to stay in a mini-sized room. Due to limited space, we have to be creative to arrange all items. One room that has many items is the kitchen. There are a sink, plates, refrigerator, oven, rice cooker, microwave, dish racks, cabinet, and so on. One solution to solve this problem is applying a compact kitchen. It is the utilization of the room maximally so that every space can be used for storing items.

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The compact kitchen has been around for a long time, but not many people apply it. Most of the compact kitchen can be found in apartments that are sold full-furnished.

Basically, creating a compact kitchen is similar to creating a regular kitchen set. It is just that the design is made as concisely as possible. Applying a compact kitchen means that some utensils must be eliminated such as the collection of plates and cups. The sink size is also smaller thereby saving space without lessening the function.

If you intend to have a compact kitchen with a custom order, the placement of items can be adjusted to the needs. For example, the placement of the dish rack is under or above the sink. Inside the floor cabinet will be equipped with space to put the washing machine, refrigerator, and oven. Upper cabinets should be used for storing items that are rarely used such as the mixer.

To be more compact, if possible, put the oven, refrigerator, and washing machine in the kitchen set. The washing machine can indeed be placed everywhere, as long as connected to the drains. Use an electric stove for space-saving. The placement of the electric stove can be combined with the cabinet so as to look neater.

The disadvantage of the compact kitchen is the difficulty of repair when there is damage. For example, repairing the sink drains while there is a dish rack underneath or repairing the electric stove that combines with the kitchen set. Doing activities in this kitchen should also consider the time sequence because you cannot do any concurrent activity. Imagine how complicated it is if you wash clothes when there is someone else cooking there. In addition, the price of the high-tech compact kitchen is also quite expensive. Nonetheless, applying a compact kitchen can make your small kitchen to function effectively and optimally.

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