Comfortable and Attractive Small Kitchen

Great Small Kitchen Interior With Colorful Cabinets

If you have a small kitchen and want to make it more comfortable and attractive, here are several tips that you can apply:
Use small-sized dining table
It would be very unwise if you put a large dining table in a small kitchen, because this table will definitely disturb your cooking activity later. Besides disturbing, a large dining table will also make your small kitchen more cramped so that it will look unsightly. It would be better to use a small dining table in your small kitchen. Regarding the distance to the kitchen set, you can estimate it yourself according to your needs.

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Create a bright kitchen
Giving a touch of bright colors can also make your small kitchen looks more spacious. In this case, you can use these bright colors for the wall, furniture, or equipment. You can also apply soft colors such as light brown or beige. The selection of the floor color also needs to be considered. You should be able to create a balance between the color of the wall, floor, furniture, and equipment of the kitchen.

Provide sufficient lighting
Lighting is an essential aspect in the kitchen. Open your kitchen windows every morning so that the sunlight can get into the kitchen and make it brighter. You can also add white artificial lights to improve the lighting of your kitchen.

Resist the urge to collect kitchen equipment
Some of you may have a lot of unused kitchen equipment because you love to collect them without considering the function. Try resisting your desire to buy the kitchen equipment so that your kitchen doesn’t look full and crowded. Conversely, use medium-sized kitchen equipment and put them in a place that is easy to reach so that you don’t have difficulties to find them when you need them.

Avoid hanging too many equipment on the wall
Hanging too many kitchen equipment on the wall will make your kitchen looks untidy. Instead, you can provide cabinets that are specifically used for storing kitchen equipment. You can also utilize the cabinets of the kitchen set.

The importance of air circulation
You won’t be comfortable to be in a stuffy kitchen, especially when the cooking process is taking place. Therefore, windows are very important for the kitchen to make the air circulation run smoothly. Don’t forget to provide a chimney so that the smoke doesn’t get trapped in the kitchen.

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