Combining the Dining Room and Kitchen

Contemporary Dining Space With Kitchen

In the design of a traditional house, the homeowner probably will separate the function of each room using walls. However, nowadays, there are many people who consider combining some rooms into one for various reasons. One consideration that makes people want to combine some rooms in their house is the limitation of space.

Classic Kitchen Combining With Dining Room Design : Combining the Dining Room and KitchenContemporary Dining Space With Kitchen : Combining the Dining Room and KitchenOpen Kitchen With Dining Space : Combining the Dining Room and KitchenWonderful Kitchen Combined With Dining Room : Combining the Dining Room and Kitchen

You can combine the living room with the family room or the dining room with the kitchen. When combining the dining room and kitchen, the room will feel more open and spacious so that you can do activities more freely. This is an effective way to anticipate the limited space.
If you have a small house, you can use a compact design to optimize the available space. You should choose furniture with a simple design. Besides that, you also need to consider the choice of color and lighting for a kitchen and dining room that are combined. You should choose a color that provides a fresh and bright impression so that it can make you more eager to cook.

If you combine the dining room and kitchen, it will be easier to clean the room. You can use a window design that is more open so that there is more light entering the room. Additionally, open windows will also optimize the air circulation in the room.

If you want to combine the dining room and kitchen, there are several things you need to consider to get an optimal result. Firstly, you should use the L-shaped or single line layout design for space-saving. But, you can still be creative with the layout according to your needs. The dining table should be placed properly so that it won’t interfere with the activity and movement when cooking. The dining table can be placed on the left or right side of the kitchen set according to the availability of space.

You also need to adjust the height of the dining table and chairs. You can consider using bar stools or regular chairs. A kitchen with a limited space should be equipped with small kitchen equipment such as a two-burner stove or single-bowl sink. The area for storing foodstuff should be made as efficient as possible such as by creating up to ceiling cabinets. Lighting is also important. You can use ceiling lights, hidden lights, or pendant lights.

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