Coffee Table for the Living Room

The coffee table is one of the complementary furniture that usually placed in the living room. This table is not only used as decoration because sometimes you need to put the drinks, snacks, or magazines.

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Despite a coffee table is necessary, but you need to reconsider the size of a coffee table that is ideal for your living room because sometimes we just need a small table surface. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to find out and understand some alternative coffee tables that can be used in the living room. Using the right materials and proper table size can make a living and your family more comfortable and more effective.

  1. You can use the chest to replace the coffee table. Generally, old chest made ​​of iron or wood has a flat surface. They are not too large, and can provide some space for storing goods inside them. In addition to saving space, the wooden chest can serve as additional storage space.
  2. Next, you can use a woven bamboo basket as a coffee table. If you find that using one basket is not enough to store your goods, you can provide two woven bamboo baskets. Same as wooden chest, besides you can use the surface to put drinks and food, you still have space to store stuff.
  3. You can shift the thin bench with flat surfaces that often called as "stool" from the side of the room toward the center of the room. Using the stool as a coffee table is a smart idea, especially if your living room space is very limited. Besides stool, you can consider the use pouf.
  4. You can also use the ottoman as the coffee table replacement. The ottoman comes in several shapes and models. When you have some plan to organize a party or family gathering, the ottoman can turn functions as the seating furniture
  5. Furthermore, the side table also has its function to replace the coffee table. Beside of has a streamlined shape, side table more easily positioned according to your convenience.

Those are some alternative furniture which are you can use as your living room coffee table. With good placement and proper arrangement, they can “do” their job according to what you expect as a coffee table.


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