How to Choose Appropriate Table for Dining Room

High Quality Modern Hardwood Dining Table

Dining table is the focal point of your dining room. You should invest more in this important part. So you will find it last in decades. The dining table is a place where the family having a happy meal together, nurture the body and the mind. It also a place you can hide from the hectic and crowded life.

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Consider what material you want to use as the dining table

If you want a dining table made of wood, choose pure material hardwood such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak. Don’t choose the composite or a combination wood, such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).

MDF is a compressed of hardwood and recycles wood. It is a quite durable, but not last in decades like the hardwood. The price of MDF is far cheaper than hardwood, but if you’re looking for a dining table that is durable up to decades, better chooses hardwood. If you are a people who don’t like wooden material, then you can choose metal or marble.

Measure your dining room size

It’s important to measure your dining room; this will make you easy when choosing the appropriate size of your table, especially if the dining room is small. Don’t let you choose the wrong one, too big for a small dining room or too small for a spacious dining room. Rectangular table placed in a narrow space will quickly take the room and make it look cramped. One thing that is important, you should be able to walk and move between tables and chairs.

Determine the perfect shape of table

There are some rules in determining the shape of the table that fits a particular room. For a small room, choose an oval-shaped table it will leave more space to small room and avoid the room look too 'crowded'. Square shape table is more suited for narrow rooms, while the rectangle should be placed in a spacious room. The round table could be placed in a room in any size, but preferably not on a cramped place because it would reduce the space. And make you difficult to move from one side to another.

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